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Everyday Spray Tanning

Everyday Spray Tanning

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We are located south Florida (West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale & Miami. We can travel around this cities. 


  • Place you order and allow 24-48 hours for confirmation of availability.
  • You will receive an email confirming the time and date,  in case we're not available on your request we will  reschedule. 
  • Weekends are limited on availability. 


What we need to do before the tan?

We recommend to prepare your scrubbing your skin at least once a week at least a month prior (this is very helpful if you add it to your daily skin care). Please moisturize every day at least once a day (twice recommended).

What kind of products sure we use for prepping the skin?

You can use any kind as long is not too oily or too heavy on the skin.  We recommend all Liquid Sun Rayz skin products because it goes with our tan solutions (same company). 

What is the best time for shaving?

We recommend shaving at least 4 hours prior of tan application.

What can we apply to our skin before tanning?

You can shower up to right before tanning application.  Please avoid using bar soaps or any heavy creams or oil. You can scrub too, just avoid oily ones and make sure your skin is completely dry. Please do NOT wear deodorant (can change color in that area).

What products are use?

We use all Liquid Sun Rayz products including the Competition Bronzer, Everyday Bronzer, Moisturizer, bikini bite, tattoo cover and other. Go check their Products 

How can we protect our hair, nails and feet?

We provide sticky feet, shower caps and barrier cream to protect them of spraying them. 

Can we spray our faces?

This is optional but if you end up getting your face sprayed we recommend to clean your face the night before and morning off to prevent muddy application.

How long it takes to dry?

The duration varies from person to person but can be 5 to 25 minutes. 

What kind of clothes should we wear after tan?

We recommend to wear baggy or loose preferable dark long pants and long sleeves to protect your tan and your surroundings. Also do NOT sleep without clothes. Do not use red clothes, and you can shower after at least 5 to 8 hours later (this apply to everyday tan only).  After you shower you keep moisturizing daily. 

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